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The biggest changes going on that I see is a huge transformation of warehousing related to how they replenish retail stores and pick low quantity high SKU count orders to support the fulfillment of e-commerce. Retail distribution centers are now sending smaller more varied pallet loads to retailers not once a week, but often three times a week to support maximum product selection with limited just in time inventory at the store level. 

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One of the questions I get asked by many Big Joe prospects and customers is - Should I buy, lease or rent my material handling equipment?  My name is John Hicks, and I am the Southeastern Regional Sales Manager for Big Joe Forklifts.  In my 32 years of experience in the material handling industry, I have answered this question innumerable times in a fairly consistent way, which is to suggest that - It depends.  I wanted to cover this questions and provide some basic guidance because this is one of those areas where we see companies miss opportunities to potentially...

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