About Us

The standard for quality

Big Joe electric forklifts have been the standard of quality for over 70 years in factories, warehouses, DCs and storerooms across the USA and around the world.

Big Joe walkie stackers, pallet trucks, and access vehicles are well known for their rugged, easy to use designs that provide a low-cost alternative to traditional sit-down forklifts.

Big Joe electric forklifts are proudly distributed through one of the largest professional dealer networks in the North American industrial truck industry.
About Us

With outstanding product support and service capabilities we can tailor our vehicles to specifically fit a variety of industrial, commercial, and retail uses which maximizes utility and thus value for our customers.

Added to this approach is our history of low maintenance costs and reliability which make Big Joe electric forklifts one of the very best equipment choices for companies looking to secure the lowest total cost of ownership. A fact that we are very proud of and one we continue to strive to improve upon.

In 2009 the Big Joe brand and factory was bought by a partnership involving the global equipment company EP and organized into a new company called Big Lift LLC. With this added international buying power and logistics capability, Big Joe continues to develop many improvements to its product offering and product support capabilities every year.

Big Joe offers a wide variety of material handling solutions from our standard models of pallet trucks, walkie stackers, Class I riding forklifts and innovative Joey task support vehicles to our highly customizable PDX and IBH series of stackers.

Our reputation for designing and delivering efficient, affordable and long lasting electric forklifts that fill specific needs for our customers dates back to 1951 and stretches through today.

As a part of international material handling giant EP, Big Joe is uniquely positioned to take advantage of global resources and buying power for our standard products while maintaining our custom US based engineering and manufacturing advantages.