Meet the next generation walk behind forklift truck


Counterbalanced Stackers

The new Big Joe CB30 and CB35 counterbalanced walkie stackers are compact alternatives to sit-down forklifts, operate at a lower cost and travel at walking speeds.  Big Joe pioneered these type of lift trucks more than 50 years ago and these next generation 3,000lb capacity and 3,500lb capacity designs have been crafted with the knowledge we have gained along the way.

A cast rear counterweight has shortened up the chassis which in combination with electric power steering, allows these new walkie forklifts to easily maneuver in tighter areas than ever before.  Additionally, ground clearance has been greatly improved for dock work and proportional in handle controls are now standard making accurate pallet placement a breeze.  With a host of battery options including a UL recognized 205ah lithium battery, the CB30 and CB35 can be outfitted for just about any use case, including those that use basic attachments such as an optional sideshifter or clamp.

So, the question is... Why Ride When You Can Walk?  Big Joe's new CB series trucks are a great choice for areas that have pedestrians present and short travel runs as blind spots and speeds are both reduced.

Whether you need one flexible truck for modest needs or are looking to supplement your fleet, enhancing safety in operations while maintaining solid productivity is as or more relevant today as it was a generation ago when we launched our first walk behind counterbalanced forklift.   


Sure, you can pay more, but for many common use cases in many industries, you just won't find a better truck.


The CB30/35 Features:

• 24 volt Zapi AC Controllers

• High torque AC drive motor

• Lift, lower and tilt buttons in handle

• Forward and back tilt for accurate positioning of loads

• High visibility I-beam mast with lift heights to 157"

• Power steering

• Premium AGM battery pack, industrial or lithium battery options

• Battery discharge indicator with hour meter

• ITA Class II fork carriage

The CB30/35 Specifications:

• Vehicle TypeCounterbalanced Stackers
• Capacity3,000lbs. & 3,500lbs. @ 24” load center
• Power24 volt AC electric with Zapi controller
• Max Lift HeightMasts available up to 157"
• Collapsed HeightMasts available as low as 72.4"
• Fork Dimensions42" L x 4" W x 1.5" Thick
• Vehicle DimensionsSee specification sheet
• Turning RadiusSee specification sheet
• Travel SpeedSee specification sheet
• Battery CompartmentSee specification sheet
• Battery Capacity224AH AGM pack or Industrial
• ChargerIntegral to pack or external available

Videos and Case Studies: