Big Joe Walkie Counterbalanced Stackers offer a safer alternative to rider forklifts for small to medium sized facilities. Maximum travel speed is a reasonable walking pace of just over 3mph and with rearward facing forks during most travel, a walking operator has unimpaired vision and greater time to react. Switching to Walkie Counterbalanced Stackers can greatly reduce workplace injuries and help to reduce the high costs associated with them, including liability insurance, Workman’s Comp claims and operator training.

The compact CB22 is an excellent choice for smaller facilities and lighter loads, while the CB33 offers 3.300lb capacity and power steering for operation in larger warehouses. The PDC series of Heavy-Duty stackers is designed for high volume, workhorse applications. There are 3 PDC models with capacities of 2,500lb, 3,000lb & 4,000lb to fit your needs.

For larger warehouses and DCs, we offer our V Series of rider forklifts. The V Series features three very efficient electric models with capacities of 2,800lb, 3,500lb and 4,000lb.