The Big Joe Joey family of Task Support Vehicles is designed to make the access of elevated stock or performance of overhead operations safer and easier for personnel in facilities large and small. Eliminate dangerous rolling ladders and dramatically reduce the chances of worker injuries while improving productivity and worker morale! From the manually propelled 48” powered lifting eStep to the all-new 48V J1HD Super Joey featuring 210” of lift and a top speed of 7mph, there is a Joey that’s right for your facility and application.

The Joey family includes:

• The Joey eStep, an excellent choice for eliminating step stools
with 48” of lift.
• The Joey Zero, a compact fully powered electric access vehicle
with 118” of lift.
• The original J1 Joey Task Support Vehicle with 126”, 162” & 192”
lifting options
• The J2 Joey Low Level order picker with an innovative powered
mini mast for pallet staging and order picking with 72” of lift
• The J2 Mid Level order picker with 126” or 144 inches of lift
• The All NEW J1HD Super Joey with 48V power, 210’ of lift and a
top seed of 7mph