Come Test Drive the Big Joe J1 Joey at Modex 2018

Come Test Drive the Big Joe J1 Joey at Modex 2018

March 22, 2018, Chicago IL -  Back by popular demand, the Big Joe J1 Joey task support vehicle will again be available for test drives on the Modex show floor in Atlanta at booth #B1047. 

Several other best-selling Big Joe models will also be available at the booth and available to patrons for hands-on demonstrations.  This year, additional models will include the revolutionary E25 lithium powered pallet truck, PDSR walkie reach truck and the J2 mid-level order picker that have become standouts in the Big Joe equipment offering.

The J1 Joey Task Support Vehicle

Since it’s introduction at ProMat 2013, the J1 Joey has become a transformational product for many e-commerce and other operations focused on broken case and small parts picking applications.  Unlike anything else on the market today, the compact Joey is easy to operate, elevates operators as high as 192”, and is capable of performing a wide variety of tasks including tugging carts with an optional tow hitch.  During the show, Big Joe staff will assist attendees through a small driver’s training obstacle course and pick goods from elevation.

The E25 Lithium Powered Pallet Truck

New to the scene at Modex this year is the Big Joe E25, a small format 2,500lb capacity electric pallet jack that features an exchangeable lithium battery pack similar in concept to those found in rechargeable hand tools.  As more and more companies struggle with work-related injuries and employee turnover, products like the Big Joe E25 are becoming popular alternatives to manual equipment to reduce claim costs and improve both worker productivity and morale.

The PDSR Walkie Reach Truck

Possibly the most versatile Big Joe unit, the PDSR combines the tight turning characteristics of a walkie straddle stacker with the flexibility of a counterbalanced forklift.  Featuring a pantograph mechanism, the PDSR can extend loads of up to 3,000lbs beyond the truck’s outrigger legs and provide operators an effective means to load racks, conveyors, or machinery in tight spaces.  Standard features on the PDSR include power steering, side-shift, carriage tilt, and proportional hydraulics with lift heights up to 189”.  With all the PDSR can do, more and more customers are rethinking the use of heavy and fast sit-down forklifts for many tasks where such equipment can be a threat to pedestrians or damage other equipment. 

The J2 Mid-Level Order Picker

The J2 Joey is a new type of order picker designed for store level operations and pick, pack, and ship applications where order lots are increasingly smaller and more diverse.  Unlike other trucks in its class, the Big Joe J2 was designed to operate forks forward so operators can avoid having to look through the trucks mast during operation and perform staging duties much like a counterbalanced forklift if required.  At just 34” wide, the J2 retains a base capacity of 2,000lbs and employs the same intuitive controls as found on the J1.  With lift heights of up to 144” now available, the J2 can help companies expand pick faces and make more use of vertical space without need of a large machine. 

About Big Joe

For over 65 years Big Joe brand equipment has been a mainstay in warehouses and factories throughout North America.  Known for offering simple high-quality products and customer focused customization, the Big Joe equipment offering is rapidly expanding as part of a multi-year innovation initiative.  Big Joe equipment is marketed, manufactured and supported by Big Lift LLC from its headquarters in Lombard, Illinois with a production facility in central Wisconsin and overseas.  In 2018, Big Lift LLC became a wholly owned subsidiary of the fastest growing forklift company in the world, EP Equipment.  Big Joe products, parts and support are available from a network of over 90 distributor locations in the USA and Canada and used every day by many of the largest manufacturing, distribution, and retailers.

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