Big Joe Introduces New Family of Compact Lithium Machines

The Lithium Powered PTT60 Pedestrian Tow Tractor and RPL44 Rider Pallet Truck Feature Unique Attributes to Move Carts and Pallets Smartly & Safely.


Left to right: The new Big Joe PTT60 Pedestrian Tow Tractor and RPL44 low-profile Rider Pallet Truck (Photo: Business Wire)

 July 11, 2022 11:35 AM Eastern Daylight Time

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Two highly innovative material handling machines featuring integrated lithium power supplies are available starting today from Big Joe Forklifts. The RPL44 Rider Pallet Truck and PTT60 Pedestrian Tow Tractor feature extremely compact chassis designs and power steering that can provide significant operational advantages in numerous material handling applications. These new additions to the Big Joe line-up include onboard 120vac chargers and several unique attributes that address many of today’s common material handling challenges, while including support for future autonomous development.

Big Joe RPL44 Rider Pallet Truck

The Big Joe RPL44 features a 24-volt AC drive motor, capable of transporting pallets weighing up to 4,400 pounds at speeds up to 5 miles per hour. Smaller than any rider pallet truck on the market today, this nimble vehicle can operate efficiently in congested areas with the same duty-cycle of much larger and heavier machines thanks to its onboard 205ah lithium battery and 120vac opportunity charger. To further improve user productivity, the vehicle’s low-profile forks make for much easier pallet entry and exit, compared to traditional machines. In support of this key feature, the RPL44’s special split load wheel configuration reduces thermal wear to achieve both solid performance and durability. Standard features include electronic power steering, a battery discharge indicator, hour meter and key switch with optional fork sizes being available for operations moving beverage or other specialty pallets.

Big Joe PTT60 Pedestrian Tow Tractor

Do you have workers straining to pull carts and other rolling stock? The Big Joe PTT60 Pedestrian Tow Tractor eliminates such stress and includes electronic power steering to put 6,000lbs of easy to control towing capacity in the palm of your hand. Its compact size maneuvers in tight aisles or around expensive machinery with ease and represents a safer option for highly congested areas where people are working when compared to ride-on machines. With an onboard lithium power supply and integrated 120vac opportunity charger, the PTT60 can keep up with the needs of most operations, but an optional 240v external charger is available to support longer duty cycles. The PTT60 further improves productivity and ergonomics with a hydraulically powered hitch that comes complete with a standard pin style connector with both custom and optional hitch tools available to support the needs of most users. Standard features include an hour meter, key switch, dual butterfly controls for infinitely variable speed control and horn.

“These new purpose-built lithium machines couldn’t be better timed to meet the needs of our customers,” says Bill Pedriana the Chief Marketing Officer of Big Joe. “Across the board we see continuing trends in material handling to move from human power to electric, walkies to riders and riders to autonomous machines. These compact machines with all their capability stand as great examples of how new technologies can help us create new form factors that help empower workers and drive operational efficiency for all sorts of operations both big and small.”

About Big Joe

For more than 70 years, Big Joe electric forklifts have been the standard of quality in factories, warehouses, DCs, and storerooms across the USA and around the world. Big Joe’s walkie stackers, pallet trucks and access vehicles are well known for their rugged, easy-to-use designs that provide a low-cost alternative to traditional forklifts. The company’s lithium-ion powered forklifts provide excellent solutions for running continuously without the need for down time. For more information, visit or follow us on social media.


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